Alternative versus Conventional Medicine

When most people get sick, they look to conventional medicine for relief and healing. However, natural medicine is becoming increasingly popular, and there is a growing debate regarding alternative versus conventional medicine.
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Depression and Sleep Disorders: the Chicken or the Egg?

It is common knowledge that one of the main symptoms of depression is insomnia and sleep disorders in general. We also know that a lack of sleep can lead eventually to depression. So More »

Does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine whereby an acupuncturist treats patients by inserting thin needles into their body. It’s been practiced for thousands of years in China, but has made its More »


How To Stop Smoking? Eat More Fruit

Stop smoking - eat fruit

A study recently concluded that the answer to the problem of how to stop smoking may be to eat more fruit and vegetables. Researchers of the University of Buffalo, New York monitored the lifestyle and eating habits of one thousand smokers aged 25 and over for a period of time, and found that those following a diet rich in fruit and vegetables found it much easier to cut down on smoking, and in many cases stop altogether.…

Alkaline Diet

apple juice

Your body can be compared to a finely tuned car or machinery. In order to keep the car going, you need to provide it with premium fuel.  This fuel can be highly correlated to what you put in your body (food you eat, water you drink). Ultimately, your body needs more alkaline food because this is the premium fuel.…

Why Cider Is Healthy (And How To Make It)

Cider Is Healthy

Hurray, cider is healthy!

We always knew it, but it’s nice to have confirmation from science. According to scientists at the University of Glasgow, in fact, cider is as rich in antioxidants as red wine, another alcoholic beverage recognized for its health benefits. Like the latter, cider contains a particular antioxidant known as phenolic, which has shown to be effective in preventing heart disease, strokes and cancer.…

What’s In a Hot Dog?

what's in a hot dog

It’s tasty, filling, cheap, fast and found on every street corner… but what actually is in a hot dog?

Considered one of the most highly processed foods we can eat, the frankfurter sausage family has recently been subjected to harsh criticism after researchers visited factories to witness the manufacturing process.

This is what they found:

mass-produced frankfurters are made with leftover cuts of pork and the remains of chicken carcases, which are ground into a paste and mixed with preservatives, flavourings, colourings, starch and lots of water.…

The Dangers Of Sitting Down Too Long

dangers of sitting

In a modern working world symbolized by the ‘workstation’, to which most of us are bound for most of the day, what we would certainly prefer not to be alerted about is the dangers of sitting down too long! Yet for the more undaunted of us, here it is. A research from the University of  Leicester, UK shows how an overly-sedentary lifestyle is related to such health problems as heart disease and diabetes and can result in premature death.…

Medicinal Properties of Mulled Wine

medicinal properties of mulled wine

The medicinal properties of mulled wine, spiced wine or vin brulé have been appreciated since as far back as ancient Rome. In the Middle Ages it was made by monks in the monasteries, by heating red wine and adding various herbs and spices known for their medicinal properties, thus creating an excellent natural medicine for healing and preventing winter illnesses.…

Electronic Cigarettes: Helpful Or Harmful? (An Ongoing Experiment)

electronic cigarette

This is the big question and controversy regarding the new electronic cigarette ‘trend’: can they help smokers to break the habit, or are they equally harmful to the health?

Several weeks ago my husband, a smoker, bought himself an electronic cigarette. Since then, he hasn’t looked back, and when he did try smoking a real cig.…

Natural Medicine for Pets

Natural Medicine for Pets

The popularity of alternative medicine has surged in recent years, but many people are starting to realize that many of the same treatments and preventative care are applicable to pets as well. But despite this recent interest in natural medicine for pets, it’s actually almost as old as natural medicine for humans.…

The Wellness Boom and Natural Medicine Careers

Natural Medicine Degree Course

Over the past couple of decades we have seen a new growing awareness regarding health and personal well-being. The so-called wellness boom, consequently, is creating increasing opportunities for those interested in following natural medicine careers. Consisting of an increasing attention to natural medicine, alternative therapies and holistic approaches to healing and health, the wellness boom is in the process of carving out a pretty large market category made up of an enormous range of sub-categories, such as naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, chiropractic techniques, reflexology, and the list keeps growing.…

Iridology – The Eyes Have It

Iris Chart

Iridology, or the study of the iris, is a branch of natural medicine that is based on the claim that every organ of the body corresponds to a part of the iris, to which it is connected through the nervous system. Consequently, the state of health of each organ can be assessed by examining the iris using special magnifying equipment and consulting a so-called Iris Chart.…