Alkaline Diet

Alkaine Diet
Alkaine Diet

Your body can be compared to a finely tuned car or machinery. In order to keep the car going, you need to provide it with premium fuel.  This fuel can be highly correlated to what you put in your body (food you eat, water you drink). Ultimately, your body needs more alkaline food because this is the premium fuel. Theoretically, knowing the difference between alkaline and acid will help you understand the intricacies of the alkaline diet.

Acid & Alkaline

Understanding the difference between acid and alkaline will help you understand how to provide your body with the right food (fuel). Your blood has a ph level and this is typically a measurement of good or bad.  According to the ph scale, 1 is very acidic, 7 is neutral, and 14 is very alkaline. Additionally, according to Dr. Robert Young, author of “Ph Miracle” – your body will go through great lengths to maintain a ph level of 7.35 to 7.45.  Your body constantly works hard to restore and increase energy levels.  The alkaline diet will reform your body by balancing your ph levels and in turn increase your overall energy.

Subsequently, the blood stream is very sophisticated. Red blood cells contain a negative charge which helps keep them from sticking together. When this charge is lost, the blood begins to cluster and this causes many physiological problems. This clustering of the cells can interfere with all your body’s processes including the inability of the white blood cells to clean the blood. You may start to feel sick and sluggish. This is because your body is full of acidic waste.  Normally, the body will eliminate through natural elimination channels but sometimes the buildup is too much.

These wastes are stored in the body. They ultimately begin to attack and destroy cells.  This process breaks down the blood cells and they begin to deteriorate. This weakens the immune system and makes you susceptible to disease.  So, how do you avoid this?  You must eat an alkaline diet.

Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet consists of a high degree of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some legumes.  It may be wise to educate yourself on an alkaline diet by reading “The PH Miracle Diet” by Dr. Robert Young and the book called “Alkalize or Die” written by Dr. Baroody. These books will help you identify the difference between alkaline and acid foods and also help you choose how much alkaline food you need to eat to obtain optimum health. Individuals on an alkaline diet should focus on eating the following: Vegetables, non animal protein, fresh fish, essential fats (EFA’s), Sprouts, Herbs, Spices, Juices (drink vegetables) and more.  Ideally, you should avoid sugar, simple carbohydrates, refined and processed foods, acidic fruit, dairy products, saturated and unhealthy fats, meat, eggs, stored grains (fresh grains are alkaline), alcohol and more.

The alkaline diet is essentially a lifestyle that one should follow in order to gain better health. The combination of foods you choose should be based on your desire to lose weight and get healthy. It is important to slowly make changes in your eating habits. This will allow you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.  Here is a link to a government study on the alkaline diet; the results are astounding!

The study shows that the alkaline diet works.

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