Bach Flowers for Children

Bach flowers for children
Bach flowers for children

The following article was written by an expert on Bach Flower essences and homeopathy in general, and addresses a subject that is becoming increasingly popular: Bach Flowers for children.

Bach Essences for Children by Shelley McQuerter

Did you know there are safe, natural remedies to help with a multitude of symptoms for childhood issues? Bach flower essences offer a gentle and effective tool to facilitate great healing and a happy household!

What Are Bach Flower Essences?
Bach Flower Essences are homeopathically prepared remedies from the blooms of plants, bushes and trees, discovered by English physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. There are 38 flower essences (plus one combination essence, Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula) that correspond to specific mental and emotional states. Dr. Bach noticed in his medical practice in the 1920s, that many of his patients’ complaints and conditions seemed linked to their state of mind. The original cause of most physical ailments, he concluded, lay in the person’s negative emotional or psychological states. Dr. Bach decided to dedicate his life to the discovery of a system of healing that would transcend physical symptoms and address the mental and emotional roots of disease. He thought if ones emotional symptoms are balanced, the body’s own vitality would be strengthened and be able to throw off illness. This led him to categorize his patients’ negative state or inner imbalances and search for the corresponding flower that would restore their balance and transform negative emotions into positive ones. Dr. Bach stated “There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.”

How do Bach Flower Essences work?
The Bach Flower Essences contain no scent and are not to be confused with aromatherapy or essential oils. Dr. Bach was inspired by dewdrops on flower petals. He speculated that through the heat of the sun, the healing essence of a flower is brought out to the dew. The flowers release their healing energy into the water. All Flower Essences are collected at the peak of their bloom, when Dr. Bach thought the healing properties were at their strongest. By extracting essences and through self-experimentations, Dr. Bach isolated flowers which address a broad range of psychological symptoms. Essences are chosen by identifying the negative emotions, feelings, attitudes and behaviors that a person experiences when swinging out of balance. Taking the essence associated with that particular emotional imbalance raises the frequency of vital life force and seemingly dissolves the negativity to allow the  positive potential of the Essence and the corresponding positive emotions to be experienced.

How do I administer to Infants and Children?
There are many ways to take the essences, orally, topically, in a spray, mixture bottle—even added to a beverage. There is small amount of brandy in the essences to preserve and prevent contamination, so for use with children and infants you may want to administer the remedy topically or dilute it in a drink. Our skin is our largest organ, so it’s a great way to receive these liquid remedies without ingesting any alcohol. You can also add a couple drops of an essence to a drink or bottle of water and sip throughout the day. Bach Flower Essences can be combined with other forms of therapy and treatments and still be quite effective and safe. You can easily combine up to 7 essences to fit your situation. The flower essences are so safe, if you happen to give the “wrong” remedy, no adverse reaction will happen.

Helpful Essences for Infants and Children
Below are just a few of the many essences we use often, which are typically beneficial for children. Infants and children respond wonderfully to Bach flower essences. You will be amazed with the positive effects the essences have. Screaming children find calm, shy and fearful children find courage, impatient, restless and angry children find peace.

Difficulty sleeping – White Chestnut & Rescue Remedy
Fears & anxiety – Mimulus
Separation anxiety – Honeysuckle, Red Chestnut & Mimulus
Impatience, irritability and restlessness – Impatience & Rescue Remedy
Temper tantrums – Cherry Plum and Rescue Remedy

There are many more conditions and symptoms that the flower essences can help:
Just a few:
*Hyperactivity   *Anger  *Fears/Phobias *Anxiety  *Obsessions  *Concentration & Focus *Compulsions *Learning Difficulties  *Emergencies & First Aid *Depression
*Self-Esteem Issues *Insomnia *Transitions & Changes *Attention Deficit Disorder

About Learn Homeopathy Now
homeopathy-seminarsLearn Homeopathy Now teaches about medicines derived from nature that stimulate your natural defenses without side effects and heal the underlying cause of disease by bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.
Our programs are self paced seminars, designed to provide you with the tools you need to use homeopathy and Bach flower essences successfully. After just one introductory workshop, you’ll be on your way to experiencing the effectiveness of these amazing remedies. You can move through both certification programs together or individually, to more advanced levels of empowerment, with our self-paced, home study DVD and teleseminar programs found at
Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now, has inspired countless healing professionals with her passion for Homeopathy. Simple to use, her self-paced, time-tested method allows parents and young adults, chiropractors and psychologists, acupuncturists and massage therapists, medical doctors and nurses, to progress from basic home care skills to mastering an additional healing modality.
Shelley is a gifted educator. With the command of a woman who knows and loves her topic, she blends anecdotal storytelling, sharp witticism, and intuitive know-how into thoroughly entertaining and instructive workshops. She strips away the mystique of the esoteric and scientific tenets of homeopathy and Bach essences, and creates a lasting impression that empowers you with the skills you need to use these amazing medicines effectively. Shelley’s vibrant, authentic presence embodies the power homeopathy promises.
Shelley is joined by Willow MacPherson, Homeopathy Consultant and Educator, who is sought out nationwide for homeopathic consultations from her full-time, private practice in southern California. As a visiting faculty member assisting in Shelley’s advanced and graduates seminars, Willow contributes her vast clinical experience, case taking expertise and passion for “the books” with professional insight. She is the icing on the cake to Learn Homeopathy Now’s already delectable seminars.

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    I can attest to the power of Bach Flower Remedies. They hepled my daughter so much, that I went all the way through the 3rd level certification training a few years ago to learn as much about them as I could. I recently used Red Chestnut and Clematis for my constant worries and confusion about my daughter’s problems she was having at school amazing results. I just began letting go of some of my irrational fears and had a clarity about what was happening.

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