The Dangers Of Sitting Down Too Long

dangers of sitting
dangers of sitting

In a modern working world symbolized by the ‘workstation’, to which most of us are bound for most of the day, what we would certainly prefer not to be alerted about is the dangers of sitting down too long! Yet for the more undaunted of us, here it is. A research from the University of  Leicester, UK shows how an overly-sedentary lifestyle is related to such health problems as heart disease and diabetes and can result in premature death. According to the research, we spend an average of 50-70% or our lives sitting down, and though this in itself may be a sad but not surprising face, what is interesting is why this translates as bad news. The study says, in fact, that when sitting for long periods of time our body assumes we are in energy storage mode, causing an increase in glucose levels and an imbalance of good/bad cholesterol. The solutions suggested, naturally, involve standing up as much as possible and even  working standing up (an idea I am trying to assimilate, though I’m sitting as I write this).

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