How To Stop Smoking? Eat More Fruit


A study recently concluded that the answer to the problem of how to stop smoking may be to eat more fruit and vegetables. Researchers of the University of Buffalo, New York monitored the lifestyle and eating habits of one thousand smokers aged 25 and over for a period of time, and found that those following a diet rich in fruit and vegetables found it much easier to cut down on smoking, and in many cases stop altogether.

Regardless of such factors as age, race, gender, income and education, in fact, the smokers who regularly ate plenty of fruit and vegetables showed to be three times more likely to have stopped smoking for at least a month. They also smoked less often during the day and showed a decrease in nicotine dependence.

Why? Apart from the psychological effect (not to be underestimated) of combating unhealthy with healthy, there are several biological reasons. Fruit and vegetables have a high fibre content, which gives a feeling of satiety that can reduce the desire for a cigarette. Smokers can often mistake hunger for the need to smoke. Besides this, while certain foods, like coffee, alcohol and meat, are known to make the taste of a cigarette more pleasant, fruit and vegetables actually seem to have the opposite effect.


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