Lung Cleansing For Smokers

Lung cleansing
Lung cleansing

The idea of lung cleansing for smokers may be a paradox, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

“I can’t stop smoking but I’m worried about the state of my lungs. What can I do?”
Non-smokers might be quick to reply “obviously you’re not worried enough”, but for smokers quitting can sometimes seem impossible – a frantic lifestyle, stress at work, depression, etc. combined with the pressure to quit smoking, feelings of guilt and worry about the effects on health are the perfect recipe for failure.
So, smokers everywhere, here’s the good news: it is possible to start cleaning your lungs even before breaking the habit with a tried and proven lung detoxifying program. Obviously, the results do depend on how much you smoke and how faithfully you follow the program, but numerous testimonials are the living evidence that you can actually remove the tar and toxins from your lungs even after many years of smoking.
PS. A few tips for DIY lung detoxification:
Exercise the lungs. Lungs are muscles, and can be strengthened through exercise. Obviously, the only way we can exercise the lungs is through breathing deeply. We generally use only around one third of our lung capacity, but through exercises such as yoga or aerobics or even playing a wind instrument we can use and clean the whole of the lungs.
When we have a cough or catarrh we are advised to use a vaporizer to moisten the air in the house, as this helps to free the lungs of accumulated waste matter. Similarly, a vaporizer, combined with deep breathing, can help detox the lungs and dislodge built up tar. It is especially effective when used with essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, lavender or eucalyptus.
Drinking lots of water is essential to help keep the lungs moist. Herbal teas can also be useful. Some herbal infusions that help to cleanse the lungs are ginger, mullein, comfrey, fenugreek and horehound.

The above tips are not enough on their own to thoroughly clean out and detox lungs that have become blackened with tar from years of smoking. In such case it is necessary to follow a lung detox program that has been specifically created for the purpose and must be followed faithfully.
Yes, smokers can also benefit. But perhaps the greatest benefit will be the fact that (as so many testify) as you follow the program and begin to feel better, cleaner, lighter, it really does give you the strength and faith to quit.

PS: as an alternative check out electronic cigarettes.

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