Tai Chi and Parkinson’s Disease

tai-chi and parkinsons disease
tai-chi and parkinsons disease

Many physical and mental ailments respond well to  the well-know oriental discipline commonly called Tai Chi and Parkinson’s disease is one of those most recently discovered. Parkinson’s disease causes a gradual destruction of the brain cells that produce a neurotransmitter essential in  controlling the muscles. Consequently, this loss of muscle control means that Parkinson’s disease sufferers are constantly prone to falls and accidents resulting from loss of balance.

Regular lessons of Tai Chi Chuan have shown to help considerably in maintaining balance, co-ordination and weight shifting. In a recent experiment involving 195 people suffering from the disease three groups were formed, each group  practising twice a week one of three activities: Tai Chi, resistance training or light stretching. During the study period the Tai Chi group reported a total of 62 falls, the resistance training group 133 falls and the light stretching group 186 falls.

Tai Chi teacher Fuzhong Li, who led the experiment, claimed the study showed that the ancient Chinese discipline is safe, easy to learn and a valid alternative therapy for Parkinson’s sufferers.

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